Does Citronella Repellent really works?

Does it work? Yes, it definitely does.

Mosquitoes are attracted to people by carbon dioxide and lactic acid emitted through our breath and sweat.  Our body is essentially sending out a dinner invitation to all mosquitoes around you. Oil of Citronella containing citronellal, citronellol, and geraniol that are able to mask the smells produced by our body, thus making mosquitoes unaware of our presence.  However, to be as effective as DEET , natural citronella has to be in high concentration and it has to be present at all time. Although applying citronella oil directly on the skin does the trick, the scent from citronella oil will wear out quickly as we sweat or when we wash them away unintentionally. In order to overcome the limitation of citronella, Simba created the sticker based repellent. Each sticker is made with highly absorbing fiber that is fully immersed in citronella oil. When wore, this sticker will slowly release citronella into the surrounding, creating a protective shield  around you.

Oil of citronella was long been used in the ancient India as mosquito repellents.  Unlike DEET or  Picaridin which are synthetic ingredients, Oil of Citronella is derived from various plants including Citronella plant. A research done in 2005 has shown that Oil of Citronella is effective in repelling mosquitoes like Aedes Aegypti which are responsible for transmitting many kinds of viruses like Dengue and Zika. EPA has also issued statement that Oil of Citronella is non-toxic with many tests done over the past 60 years. FDA also considered citronella as General Recognized as Safe and approved it  to be used as a food additive. Since Oil of Citronella repels mosquitoes with scent, they are most effective when used in less windy places or with multiple application.

Now, Parents do not have to leave their kids and babies to the mercy of mosquitoes knowing that these stickers would protect their kids from those nasty mosquito bites and toxic chemical repellents.