Simba Premium 12 oz PPSU Wide Neck Feeding Bottle with Handle and Weight Straw (Pink, Stage 1 Nipple)


  • PPSU is a high-performance polymer that is durable, unbreakable, and scratch-resistant. It also offers the best impact, odor, and stain resistance of any plastics material.
  • This multiple purpose bottle will help transit baby from milk feeding to water drinking with the weighted silicone straw set and handle included. The weighted silicone straw allows kids to drink from all angles and are hydrated at all times.
  • Smart Air Venting system in the nipple allows air to escape preventing the colic effect. Cross-cut nipple allows flowing only when there is suction; stopping leaks and keeping diaper bags dry at all times.
  • All parts come apart easily for faster cleaning. All parts are dishwasher safe. Putting parts back is intuitive and easy.
  • The Durable Ergonomic handle is designed to assist the baby with tactile sensations and motors skills like grabbing.
SKU: P61834